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Resident Essay Contest Winner!


Since the Pandemic started, I’ve had a lot of time to think about some of the choices I’ve made in my life. What if I’d chosen a different Retirement Home instead of Glenwood Place? What would it have been like during the Pandemic?

There wouldn’t be Channel 981 where I watch movies, great music programs, documentaries, etc. There wouldn’t be Ben Young popping into the breakfast room at the Terrace every few days to bring us the news. There wouldn’t be Carroll Meyers delivering our papers and also driving residents to appointments – sometimes not on designated days. There wouldn’t have been Jill doing the Pop-Up Stores. There wouldn’t be 81st Avenue which has been a stage for fun concerts, parades, and various food and beverage carts (Thanks to Nick and his crew!). I wouldn’t have met my friend, Betty, who willingly slows her walking pace to walk with me and my walker. We have so enjoyed walking around the buildings and watching the seasonal changes in the flowers, flowering trees, and all the beautiful landscaping.

I could go on, but by now, I think you know I’m glad I chose Glenwood Place. Thanks to the staff and all the employees for all you’re doing to make our lives the best they can be during the Pandemic!


Glenwood Place Senior Living


5500 NE 82nd Ave Vancouver, WA 98662 US