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My Experiences During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Last month, we asked residents to share their experiences during the pandemic with us. Shirley, an Independent Living resident at Glenwood for 5 years, gave us this glimpse into her experiences:

My Experiences During the Coronavirus Pandemic
By Shirley H.

It all began the morning of March 17th, 2020.

My day looked promising. 8:15am: off to the gym for my private workout with [the Fitness Director] Garry. I arrived to find all the doors to the Skybridge closed. What! How can I get to the gym? I need to get to the gym! Garry is expecting me and I need my workout.

Then the reality of the next five months began to unfold. All the activities that made my days at Glenwood Place so rich and rewarding, would be different and yet the same.

I could still exercise with the Skygym staff but only on [internal] channel 981. My walks would be inside or outside but not on the third floor of Assisted Living. I miss greeting my friends at their “stand-up” meetings and the third floor Care Staff. This is one of my “can’t wait until it is over” wishes.

As the days progressed, I found the same delicious food prepared by our marvelous kitchen staff but only different. I needed to go to the Buffet Room door to pick up my meals boxed up for easy transportation to my apartment. As usual there were choices and friendly faces to help with the new procedures. As time goes on, I have found this to be a great time to meet up with my “masked friends” and keep up to date on how they are doing. It is also a good time to give encouragement to the new residents who came to our Glenwood family in March and this is all they know.

The sounds of, “I need a haircut,” “I need groceries,” “I need to get to the bank,” “I miss watching movies in the Glenwood Theater,” rang through the halls. In the best Glenwood style, these needs and more were listened to and resolved.

In spite of the Coronavirus, my life during this time has become comfortable, fun, exciting, and rich with activities. Happy hours at my door! Parades from my porch! On channel 981; music, movies, church, old TV reruns, bingo and games are available to me as I relax in my recliner.

WOW!!! I feel so blessed to have such a talented, loving, and giving staff. I miss everyone the “old way” but I feel very connected to the “new way”.

Thank you Glenwood for keeping us safe, clean, and virus free and for being there for us whatever our needs may be. I do have, “can’t wait until this is over” wishes but I am grateful and happy for today.

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