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How Coronavirus Has Effected Me


Last month, we asked residents to share their experiences during the pandemic with us. Kate, an Independent Living resident at Glenwood for almost 5 years, gave us this glimpse into her experiences:

"The Covid-19 pandemic has restricted movement and curtailed activities and banned communal dining. However, it has not dimmed my admiration for the staff and management of Glenwood Place. The extraordinary lengths they have gone to in order to keep up the spirits of residents has been a resounding success.

I have been able to continue exercise classes online and watch education films and first-rate movies in my own living room. We have adjusted our coffee klatches so that we sit at least six feet away from each other and wear ,asks when not drinking coffee. We have been treated to special events like parades, outdoor concerts, and ice cream treats.

I have been able to walk with a friend nearly every day, sometime twice a day, around our neighborhood-getting necessary exercise and fresh air. We have inspected the various building projects around us and watched the progress the construction crews have made week by week. As spring turned into summer, we noted the many beautiful plantings in front yards; from crocus, daffodils, and iris, to hollyhocks, hydrangeas and roses. Our individual garden spaces have produced bounteous harvests this summer which we have shared with our neighbors.

Where else could we enjoy such a full life within the confines of a serious and potentially deadly outbreak? My gratitude for Glenwood has increased immeasurably."

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