Assisted Living Dining

At Queen Anne Manor Senior Living, dining is about flexibility. Our community dining room is open for three meals a day and offers two menus. The first is built with senior health needs in mind and is reviewed by a certified dietitian to ensure each selection meets heart health, low-carb, low-sodium, and diabetic-friendly standards. The second, our a la carte menu, offers savory classics and is available all day, even outside of meal times!

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Fine dining at Queen Anne Manor Senior Living in WA
Dining at Queen Anne Manor Senior Living

Your Way All Day

Between appointments, hosting company, late nights and early mornings, your always fit meals around your life. Why should that change after a move to senior living? That’s why our dining services are flexible, just like your life.

You have a social life and commitments that interfere with set meal times, and that’s ok. Doctor’s appointments happen. Day trips to great grandkids’ soccer tournaments happen. And, sometimes, not being hungry for lunch right at 12:00 noon happens too.

That’s why we started the Your Way All Day dining program. It lets you eat at flexible times, so you never have to hurry to a meal. In addition to three main meal times, Your Way All Day lets you choose from an assortment of options from our on-site restaurant quality kitchen all day, every day, 365 days a year.

So go ahead, sleep in on the weekends. Meet the girls for coffee at noon. There’s no need to rush into the dining room because, thanks to Your Way All Day, meal times are on your time.