Letter from the Executive Director

I’m Blake Olin and I’m glad to have the opportunity to share with you a few of the things that make Logan Creek so special and unique in the valley.  

There are many components that go into a fulfilling life. To be a thriving person, we need companionship and fellowship.   We need our days to be filled with purpose and our nights to be restful.  We need to celebrate when times are good and we need others to mourn with when the hard times come. We need good food……. scratch that, we need great food!

We at Logan Creek are committed to creating a home where the ingredients for a fulfilling life are fostered and encouraged daily.  Life was meant to be lived in community, and we strive to cultivate a strong sense of community, while respecting everyone’s need for solitude and space. 

We recognize that transitions and change at any stage of life can be difficult and scary.  Leaving a home after many years, to start a new one, is not any easy decision.  But, sometimes the change can fill a void elsewhere in your life that you may not have realized was there. 

I would love to meet you, and have a hand in helping you to find your way home.

Blake Olin
Executive Director
Logan Creek Retirement Community