Parkinson's Care

If you or someone you know has Parkinson’s disease, you know that living alone can be a real challenge. We understand that movement disorders can make simple daily tasks, like unlocking a door or maneuvering around the house, a frustrating experience. That’s why we purposefully designed apartments with specialized features to help those with Parkinson’s disease during their short-term stay. Our staff also receives specialized training on movement disorders and, with a higher caregiver to resident staffing ratio, we are able to provide the comprehensive assistance and support for Parkinson’s sufferers that’s unparalleled in the Vancouver area.

If someone you love had Parkinson’s disease and needs a short-term stay because they’ve recently been discharged from a hospital and need help with things like medication management and personal care before transitioning back home, or you’re going out of town and can’t provide care, contact us at Skyline Place Senior Living or use the form below to schedule a tour.

Parkinson's care patient holding hands at Skyline Place Senior Living