Letter from the Almond Heights Senior Living executive director

Letter from the Executive Director

Hi, I’m Chad, Almond Heights’ executive director. My family owned a senior living community, so, from an early age, I got to see the difference that senior living makes in people’s lives and knew that it was the career path for me. I took my first licensed administrator position in 1999 and have dedicated my life to helping seniors and their families ever since.

One of the things I love about Almond Heights is, since it’s a new community, my team and I were able to build its culture from the ground up. When you walk through our front door, you immediately know that it’s a special, harmonious place where the relationship between residents and staff is built on an unparalleled level of appreciation and respect.

But, my favorite thing about our community is the way we embrace the idea of choice and individuality. I hate feeling restricted by strict rules and pre-determined choices and I don’t want to impose that discomfort on anyone else, so I’ve focused on creating an environment that provides an unhinged resident experience. Dining, life enrichment, and socialization are all on our residents own time and terms. Our residents drive our community, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chad Mundy

Executive Director