Lifestyle & Care Options in Fresno, CA

You’re asked to wear a lot of hats in life: your career hat, your parent hat, your friend hat and now, you might find yourself wearing another hat, one as caregiver for your parent.  As a caregiver, you often balance on fine lines, like being available to keep an eye on your father in case he takes another fall, but giving him the privacy that he wants in his own home. Showing compassion and respect to your mother with memory loss, but making sure she’s eating, even if she doesn’t want to.

Chances are, you’ve asked yourself things like:

  • “How much longer can my mother live at home?”
  • “What happens if dad takes a fall in between my daily visits?”
  • “My mother can’t get out and do the things she used to do. Is she lonely?”

 We understand that these are things you worry about, and we want to help.

A move to Kingston Bay Senior Living can be the solution to give your mother or father the help they need, along with the peace of mind you’ve been searching for.  At Kingston Bay Senior Living, people are there to help 24 hours a day, so while your parents will still be able to make their own decisions and retain the dignity they deserve, they will not be alone.  

The care team at Kingston Bay Senior Living has a passion for helping seniors and their families transition through aging.  They can be the vigilant eyes and the helping hand so you can focus on having a quality relationship with your mother or father. So, if you think it may be time for your family to consider a move to senior living, we encourage you to browse our lifestyle and care options and find the fit that's best for your family.