Meet the Team

At Joshua Springs we understand that providing a sense of community and superior service for all who live here is a team effort. We’re here to help, so you can call our reception desk at 928-763-1212 any time and ask to speak to a team member, or visit us in person and ask for them at the front desk.  Here are some of our key team members’ responsibilities and how they can assist you:  

Sandy Hicks - Executive Director

As Executive Director, Sandy is responsible for all of the ins and outs of running the community and delivering exceptional service to residents and their families.  Contact Sandy at with questions regarding:

  •     General questions or concerns about community services
  •     Discussions for resident care and satisfaction

Brenda Jameson- Health Services Director (HSD)

Brenda is in charge of monitoring the health and well-being of each resident at Joshua Springs. As HSD, she oversees care staff, interviews new residents prior to move in to create an accurate care plan to meet their individual needs, and monitors the health of existing residents through ongoing assessment and care conferences.  Contact Brenda at with questions regarding:

  •     Care assessments
  •     Change of condition
  •     Medication management

Kim Cool – Community Relations Director

Kim serves as Joshua Springs’ Community Relations Director and acts as a point of contact for all potential residents and their families.  She also represents Joshua Springs and increases awareness through participation in outside community events.  Contact Kim at  with questions regarding:

  •     Renting an apartment
  •     Scheduling a tour
  •     Amenities
  •     Pricing
  •     Referring a new resident
  •     Transferring to a different apartment
  •     Scheduling a community workshop or event

Jessica Pennington - Business Office Manager

Joshua Springs’ Business Office Manager, Jessica, manages all business related to billing and resident records. Contact Jessica at with questions regarding:

  •     Rent payments
  •     Billing questions
  •     Responsible party or Power of Attorney changes

Pam Eastridge - Lifestyle and Leisure Director

Pam is responsible for coordinating all of the social programs at Joshua Springs.  As the Life Enrichment Director, she also creates the monthly calendars, arranges outside entertainment and conducts outings based on resident preferences.  Contact Pam at with questions regarding:

  •     Activity dates, times, and selections
  •     Activity suggestions
  •     Entertainment opportunities
  •     Volunteer opportunities

Reinaldo Fields -  Maintenance Director

The Maintenance Director is responsible for the upkeep of the community including repairing equipment, apartment maintenance, ensuring cleanliness standards are met, and maintaining the grounds.  To submit a work order, visit the front desk or call 928-763-1212.


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