Our Unique In the Moment® Approach to Memory Care

Different by Design

Our unique In The Moment® memory care program is one of the first of it its kind in the Little Rock, Arkansas, area and is designed to support the needs of residents living with the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s, memory loss or other forms of dementia. Our memory care team carefully plans every detail of our memory care resident’s day through programming and purposeful interaction. We also offer a secure Memory Care courtyard where residents can safely enjoy the warm and inviting outdoors.

In the Moment® is our signature memory care program designed for caring for those with memory loss. The program’s philosophy does not simply mean that we meet for a scheduled activity on the calendar – we meet the residents in the moment they are experiencing and engage them kindly and compassionately to guide them through their day.

In the Moment® features the Six Elements of Engagement which address

  • Physical engagement
  • Spiritual engagement 
  • Artistic expression
  • Community connections 
  • Continuing education  
  • Lifestyle and leisure

Each of the Six Elements plays an integral role in addressing the needs of the residents, caregivers, and families within the community. These multifaceted components allow us the flexibility to meet individualized needs and to personalize our program while providing a nurturing environment.

“Memory loss often takes the form of confusion with medications, needing reminders about hygiene as well as challenges in planning or problem solving,” says Susan McNully, Executive Director of Woodland Heights. “Our care addresses these concerns and provides safety and comfort for the individual and peace of mind for families.”

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