Senior Living in Vancouver WA

Milestone's Ownership Group

Milestone Retirement's ownership team brings their collective experience in the areas of finance, health care, and business operations. The multiplicity of their expertise and their diverse business backgrounds set the stage for prosperous, successful senior living management.

Paul Dendy - Chief Executive Officer

Mark Wiesner - Chief Development Officer

Don Anderson - Chief Health Care Officer

Patrick Dooley - Chief Operating Officer

Joseph Jedlowski - President

Angelo Branch - Vice President of Analytics

Jack Dwyer - Board Member

Ken Assiran - Board Member

Ginni Ryan - Senior Vice President of Operations, West

George Draghiceanu - Senior Vice President of Operations, East

Rosalyn Watson - Sr. Vice President, Health & Wellness

Angela Clark - Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Kristin Fogle - Senior Vice President of Human Resources

James Kluka - Senior Vice President of Finance, West Division

Adrienne Crutch - Senior Vice President of Finance, East Division

Adrienne Shraibman - Sr. Vice President, Risk Management & General Council