The Executive Director of your community wears a lot of hats. They’re expected to manage HR, Sales, and Finance all while handling resident issues and managing family expectations.  
Our operations processes will help your management team learn how to manage their time and achieve maximum results. We believe that a community takes on the personality of its Executive Director – how do you want your community to be perceived? 

Daily Routine
We encourage Executive Directors to walk around the community with a team member on a daily basis and take the pulse of how resident and staff interact. A daily stand-up meeting with staff is crucial in getting on top of problems before they arise, so we strongly encourage them in each community we manage. We’ll provide the resources and know-how to lead effective team meetings that leave employees feeling valued and informed. 

We promote a Sales-Only-Sales model. This means that your Director of Sales and Marketing should be dedicating the vast majority of their time to revenue-driving activities. To do this successfully, they’ll need support from other staff to ensure that their time is not taken up elsewhere. We’ll teach them how to support this model by keeping your community “show-ready,” training on lead follow-up best practices, and reviewing sales performance on a regular basis.

We know that navigating a community’s finances can be tricky. That’s why we provide ample assistance with managing collections, tracking NOI, and enhancing revenue.  We can also help with thorough and accurate care re-assessments for residents, calculating attractive discount promotions in relation to your market, and reporting on occupancy trends.  

Employee Retention
Your employees are crucial to the success of your community, and you want to make sure that they feel recognized and appreciated. We’re big proponents of rewarding in public and coaching in private. Something as simple as reading “thank you” letters from residents’  family members at staff meetings can go a long way to showing your staff that what they do makes a difference.