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Father and son barbecuing together in backyard

The History of Labor Day and How to Celebrate It With Your Loved One


Labor Day marks the twilight of summer, so it’s a great chance to have a last hoorah in the sun with your senior loved one. Here are some ideas for celebrating Labor Day and making great memories with those you cherish.

The History of Labor Day

Most people know that the holiday was instituted to recognize the labor efforts of American workers, but the idea took over a decade to grow into a national holiday:

  • The first, small celebration took place in New York City on September 5, 1882.
  • Later, in 1885, many activists introduced the idea on a municipal level.
  • From here, activists successfully moved forward and in 1887 made it a state-wide holiday in Oregon, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.
  • On June 28, 1894, President Grover Cleveland signed Labor Day into federal law, and the holiday has grown in popularity due to its economic and commemorative significance.

Enjoy the Outdoors on Labor Day

Here are some great ways to enjoy the outdoors on Labor Day:

  • Take advantage of the end-of-summer produce selection for a healthy feast.
  • Host a party or potluck in your yard.
  • Have a picnic in a beautiful summer setting.
  • Have a BBQ in a public space or at home.

Weather can really affect our moods, so use the sunshine to make the holiday memories even brighter; just be sure that your loved one has plenty of shade and opportunities to hydrate.

Parades & Music Festivals

One classic way to celebrate Labor Day is to watch the big parade in person or on TV at a party. But an even more fun way to enjoy the holiday is to find a summer music festival. Festivals can be a blast with older adults, and outdoor venues provide plenty of room for everyone to boogie down. Just make sure the area isn’t too crowded and – again – stay hydrated.

A Great Time to Shop

If your loved one is thrifty, this is the time of year when discount sales explode. Head out to your favorite shopping centers, or be one step ahead and get your loved one a gift before meeting up for a day of other activities.

Discover Something New

The beginning of September can be a really beautiful time of year, and, thanks to a day off, you can spend the whole day enjoying it with a road trip. Is there a nearby destination you or your loved one has always wanted to visit? Take advantage of the day and head somewhere new. Here are some fun ways to explore your surroundings with a senior loved one on Labor Day:

  • Visit Museums
  • Explore National Parks
  • Enjoy Amusement Centers
  • Discover New Cities or Neighborhoods
  • Relax at the Beach
  • Go Sailing on the Sea or Lake

Spread the Joy

If your loved one loves being involved in the community, they might get their best holiday kicks by participating in some of these volunteer or community activities:

  • Use the time to support work-related causes through petitioning.
  • Volunteer at a community event; they always need extra hands.
  • Help show appreciation for your loved one’s senior living community by making treats or hosting a party.
  • Show your appreciation for those labor forces that work on the holiday, such as police stations, fire departments, or other organizations with which your loved one was once affiliated.

No matter how you spend Labor Day, it’s a great time of year to experience new things. For more ideas on making memories with your senior loved one, visit the Milestone Retirement Communities blog.