Senior Living in Vancouver WA

Memory Care

If you’re caring for someone with memory loss, you’ve probably noticed that their personality changes day to day, hour to hour, or even minute to minute. We don’t believe in “good days” or “bad days” when it comes to caring for those with memory loss. Our In the Moment® memory care program focuses on meeting a person where they are intellectually and emotionally at each point throughout the day. 

Our Six Principles of Wellbeing help each resident be the happiest, healthiest person they can be by engaging them in everything from artistic expression and civic outreach projects to everyday housework like cooking a meal.  We believe that everyone’s life is a mix of relationships, responsibilities, and passions that build a sense of purpose that doesn’t end at the need for memory care. 

No two of our communities are alike, so if you’re ready to find a memory care community for your husband, wife, mother or father, we encourage you to browse through our list of locations for the perfect fit.