Milestone Retirement Communities joins with the entire country in concerns about the effects of Hurricane Irma and other weather events in the southeast portion of the country.  Milestone has 8 retirement communities in Florida with well over 1,000 residents and employees who could be affected by Irma.  We have already evacuated two communities with great planning and coordination by our team, some of whom are away from family and their own homes to make sure our residents are cared for.

If you would like to assist those affected by these weather disasters, please visit Milestone’s Employee Assistance Fund at

Contributions to the Milestone Employee Assistance Fund will be used 100% to help our employees recover from losses or expenses incurred due to the storm.  These contributions are not tax deductible for the donor, however.  While we have an initial goal of raising $100,000 for this fund, we have no idea yet how great the need will be and will increase our goal if necessary. 

Thank you for helping as you are able.

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