Food Services
Our culinary services teams are committed to serving quality, nutritious meals and delivering outstanding customers service, all while controlling costs and providing a sanitary and safe work environment. 

We take dietary restrictions very seriously. Our teams can accommodate a range of dietary requirements, and keep a record of each resident’s food preferences, allergies, and intolerances. We believe in maintaining a healthy balance through portion control rather than restriction, ensuring each resident gets 3 full meals a day.

Our Your Way All Day program lets residents eat at flexible times so they never need to miss a meal because of illness, a doctor’s appointment, or other commitment. The Your Way All Day  menus work in a five-week cycle. We provide a short-order breakfast with a daily special and one entrée for lunch or supper. For dinner, residents get the choice between two entrees. 

Inventory & Cost
Our method of tracking meals served and invoices received means you can get an accurate picture of how much your food services cost, and budget effectively. We encourage our Culinary Directors to regularly check inventory and make sure the community meets policy and emergency plan requirements. 

Work Environment
We provide your culinary teams with a list of tasks so that they can keep track of what has been done and hold each other accountable.. Plus, our policy and procedures for posting culinary staffing rosters means that your community’s kitchen will always have each shift planned out ahead of time.