Health Services

We know that the care of your residents is of paramount importance to you. It’s paramount to us too. That’s why we provide a dedicated health and wellness program that includes federal and state regulation manuals, thorough training, and best-in-class management systems.  

We’ll provide your staff with a copy of state regulations, as well as access to our Milestone policy and procedures that they can refer to at times of need. These resources empower employees to act in full compliance with the law, giving you peace of mind that your residents are getting the treatment they deserve. 

The Director of Health and Wellness role was designed to take ownership of your community’s health services program. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure the person filling this role is fully trained. Our training serves as orientation and onboarding to Milestone’s systems and expectations. After completing the training, your Director of Health and Wellness will be well-versed in the care steps program, state regulations, resident retention, and clinical communications process. 
Management Systems

Our care management system lets your Director of Health and Wellness keep track of resident information, conduct medical assessments accurately, and manage medications effectively. It also allows for service planning and scheduling.