milestone operating philosophy

Operating Philosophy

Milestone strives for a win/win/win relationship between owners, residents and staff at all communities we serve. In order for sustainable, long term success, it is vital to keep a balance of these three individual groups. Analogous to a 3-legged stool, should one leg’s needs not be met, the stool would figuratively fall over, affecting quality of services, resident and staff retention and ownership returns on investment. We believe that it takes strong on-going support for a community to be successful. In order to accomplish this, Milestone provides close support for the community staff through regular visits by our teams for training and practical guidance on quality control measures, service delivery, census success, financial management, personnel management and regular communication with owners.

We operate in many states and it is important for us to recognize the unique qualities of each market, that there is not a cookie-cutter approach to managing and marketing the communities. Our goal is for each community to be an integral part in their community-at-large, offering programs and services to meet the specific traits of their markets, establishing the community as the go-to hometown resource for care, employment and business relationships.

The Milestone team provides operating services in 10 states, and our experience encompasses:
         • Third party management contracts
         • Turn around operations
         • New development and lease up
         • Development loan negotiations and closings
         • Locating and creating investor partnerships
With communities ranging in size from 25 to 325 units/beds, we are well versed in the operational needs, regulatory compliance, market niches, and human resource needs of senior housing communities. We have worked with a wide array of owners and investor types: single owner, private partnerships, private equity funds and REITs.